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It's Survey Time. Can you help us out?

The Partnership for a Healthy Community was established between the Helen Wheeler Center for Community Mental Health, the Hispanic Partnership, the Kankakee County Health Department, Presence St Mary’s Hospital, Riverside Medical Center, and the United Way to conduct routine health assessments of the Kankakee County community, identify priority health issues, and identify strategies to address these health issues.

To thoroughly assess the Community Themes and Strengths within our community, the Partnership has created a survey, and we need as many residents of Kankakee County to complete this survey as possible. Please be sure to complete the survey if you live in Kankakee County, the information you provide is very important to us. This survey will require approximately 10 to 15 minutes of your time. 

Please click on the following link to complete this survey:

English version of the CTSA Survey:

Spanish version of CTSA Survey:

Please complete this survey by February 20, 2018
We value your commitment to the health of our community.
Please email Laura at lsztuba@kankakeehealth.org for any questions about this survey or the Partnership.


Our Mission:

The Kankakee County Health Department believes that it is the right of all citizens to have access to a broad continuum of community-based services that protect, maintain and promote the bio-psycho-social health and well-being of the community, and provide a safe and healthy environment.

The department continually assesses the health needs and resources available, promotes development of appropriate needed programs and assures that quality services are acceptable, available, accessible and accountable. These services are delivered in a manner that respects individual and community dignity, values and rights as well as established federal, state and local standards.

Adopted March 6, 1995