• Let the nurse/doctor know about your choice to breastfeed.
  • Tell the nurse that you don’t want bottle/pacifiers to be introduced.
  • Speak up and tell staff that you do not want your baby given formula or water, unless there is a medical reason for it.
  • Ask that your baby be placed skin-to-skin as soon as your baby is born. Skin to skin contact can help keep your baby ’s temperature and breathing normal. It can also increase your milk supply.
  • If you have a C-section you can still do skin to skin contact and breastfeed.
  • You should be able to do this with in the first two hours unless there is a medical reason not to.
  • You can breastfeed if you have more than one baby.
  • Have your baby stay in the room. “Rooming in” encourages skin-to-skin contact and helps you recognize early feeding cues such as when your baby starts to suck on his/her fist.