Benefits for your baby:

• Protects Against:
-ear infections
-diarrhea and other stomach issues
-bone loss later in life
• Reduces risk of SIDS, Diabetes, and Obesity
• Breast milk is all your baby needs for the first six months of life
• Stronger bones and teeth
• Develops higher IQs and improves brain development
• Promotes lower blood pressure and cholesterol later in life
• Natural source of nutrients your baby needs

Benefits for you:

• Reduces risk of:
-Cancer including Breast and Ovarian
-postpartum depression
• Helps return uterus to its normal size
• Promotes weight loss (burns 500 calories per day!)
• Reduces healthcare costs because babies are healthier
• Faster recovery time for you
• Working moms miss less days of work because their infants are sick less often
• Develops a special bond between you and your baby