School and Public Speaking Programs and Topics

Public Speaking Topics

The Health Educator will conduct presentations for school and community groups on the following listed topics. All programs are abstinence based. For more information or to schedule a presentation, call (815) 802-9395.


Certified AIDS educator conducts presentations for all age levels – kindergarten through adult. Content of programs vary as needed., but may include the following components: HIV/ AIDS basics, videos, current statistics, prevention strategies, games (focused for teens and adults).

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Presentations are available for school and community groups. Content is age appropriate and length of programs vary as needed. Presentations may include basic facts about STDs, videos, current statistics, prevention strategies, games (focused for teens and adults).

Teen Pregnancy

Presentations are available for school and community groups. Both 45 and 90 minute presentations are available. Presentations may include videos, discussion of standards and values in United States through the years, impact of teen pregnancy on personal and career goals, impact on the child, videos, TV and media influences, benefits abstinence, games (focused for teens).

Tobacco Prevention

Presentations may include age appropriate videos, second hand smoke demonstrator, and factual handouts.

Boy Talk / Girl Talk

Health Educator can help you provide this program for adolescent children and their parent/guardians. Program goal is to create an opportunity and environment for a child and parent/guardian to develop open communication on human sexuality. Parents and children watch a video on adolescent growth and development. Children then meet with a professional to discuss the video, while parents/guardians meet with another professional to discuss the potential influences on their child”s values and attitudes. This is intended to be a two session program. Boys come to the program with parents/guardians in one session, and on a different date the girls and their parent/guardians meet.

Child Passenger Safety Seat Education

More information is available on our page for the Child Passenger Safety Seat Education.

Smoking Cessation

Certified instructor conducts American Lung Association’s research-based “Freedom From Smoking” program. The program consists of an orientation and seven class sessions. Each session is approximately 1 ½ hours long. Program includes 4 weeks of preparation for quitting smoking followed by 4 weeks of follow up sessions. Class size is limited and pre registration is required. Call (815) 802-9395 for more information, or view the page for Smoking Prevention and Cessation.