Food Service Sanitation Manager Certification (FSSMC) Program

Certificate Holder Information

What must I do to renew my Food Service Sanitation Manager Certification (FSSMC) certificate?

There are five steps to successful renewal of your certificate:

  1. Complete continuing education or a renewal examination during the 5 years after your certificate is issued, but before that certificate expires. This may not be done after the certificate expires (There are no exceptions). Your specific options are:
    1. Complete an approved 5 hour refresher course, or
    2. Complete an approved 15 hour FSSMC course, or
    3. Complete an IDPH pre-approved course that is at least 5 hours long, or
    4. Complete a renewal examination with a score of 75% or above. That test may not be retaken, if failed. One of the options above must be completed.
  2. Submit a written request to renew the certificate to Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH). This is your responsibility, whether you receive a printed application in the mail or not.
  3. Submit a certificate fee in a check or money order payable to “IDPH” for $35. This is not included in fees paid for courses described above.
  4. Complete and submit a signed and dated child support statement.
  5. Mail the application, certificate fee and child support statement to IDPH so that it is postmarked no later than 30 days after the certificate expires. No exceptions are made to his requirement.
I am not able to find a course that starts before my certificate expires, but a course is offered during the 30 day period after the certificate expires. Will that course complete the continuing education requirement?
No. The course or exam must be completed before the certificate expires. There are no exceptions. Courses are sometimes cancelled, are postponed, or may not be available at a convenient location if you wait until the last minute to complete the requirement. If you cannot find a course, contact an IDPH regional office or your local health department and schedule to take the renewal exam.
Will IDPH notify me that they have credited my record if I successfully complete the renewal exam or continuing education?
No. You will not be sent a separate mailing verifying that you have completed the course. This information is sent to your instructor, who makes any corrections with IDPH. You will receive a notice that you passed or failed the renewal exam. Grading and notification take about 5 weeks.
Will I receive an application automatically from IDPH?
Your application is printed by us about 3 months before your certificate expires and is mailed to the address that the Department has on file for you. If IDPH does not have your current address on file at the time the application is printed, you may not receive it. If an address change is made after that application is printed, you must request that another application be sent to you. Another application is not automatically sent to you.
If I have not received an application two months before my certificate expires, what should I do?

It is your responsibility to renew your certificate on time. Failure to receive an appliation from IDPH is not an acceptable reason for failing to renew your certificate on time. There are tree ways you can apply to renew your certificate.

  1. (Immediately) Contact Springfield or one of the IDPH regional offices listed below for an application. Complete that form and return/mail it to IDPH.

    (815) 987-7511
    (217) 278-5900
    (309) 693-5360
    West Chicago
    (630) 293-6800
    (618) 656-6680
    (708) 544-5300
    (618) 993-7010
    Sprinfield Central Office
    (217) 785-2439
  2. Obtain and submit a completed "Request Form". The form is available from the regional office, the Springfield central office or your local health department. This form should be used if your certificate expires in less than 4 weeks.
  3. Request renewal of your certificate on a plain piece of paper. Include your name, current address (indicate if this is an address change), your FSSMC ID number and a day time phone number where you can be reached. Also include a statement that indicates whether you have been designated by the courts to pay child support or not. If you are the designee, indicate whether you are current in those payments or whether you are more than 30 days delinquent in those payments. The child support statement must be signed and dated. The child support information is required by state law and may not be ignored by any applicant.
  4. Mail applications or requests for renewal of certificates to:

    Illinois Department of Public Health
    Division of Food Drugs and Dairies
    525 W. Jefferson St., 2nd Floor
    Springfield, IL 62761-0001
How can I make an address change?

There are three ways to change your address with IDPH. It is your responsibility to keep this information current.

  1. Notify IDPH by phone or letter of the change. See the address and phone number given above; or
  2. Complete and submit a "Request Form" (described above) to IDPH; or
  3. Write the information on a piece of paper and send it to the Springfield address given above.
I have married and changed my name and have changed my address. Will the scan sheet I complete when I take the course or exam update this information in Springfield?
The information will be updated, but remember that an application is printed 3 months before the cerificate expires. It takes 4-6 weeks to receive that scan sheet and process the information into the computer. Do not depend on this mehtod of address change to receive an application, if the scan sheet is completed fewer than 6 months before your certificate expires. Name changes must be accompanied by a copy of a legal document that verifies the change (such as a copy of a drivers’ license or marriage certificate).