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Illinois State Food Service Sanitation Course Offerings

Corporate Training Center, Ltd.

The Illinois State Department of Public Health Food Service Sanitation Code requires at this time that all food service establishments that prepare and serve food shall be under operational supervision of a certified manager or supervisor. A typical food service establishment includes restaurants, carry-outs, caterers, schools, day care centers, nursing homes, deli’s, hospitals and retirement homes. One person with the certificate must be on the premises at all times. [Section 750.540 of the Illinois Food Service Sanitation Code]

To meet the certification requirement, every business or establishment which serves food must complete fifteen hours of instruction from a licensed Sanitation instructor and then successfully pass the Illinois State Food Service Sanitation Exam. To help you meet this requirement, the Corporate Training Center, Ltd. is still offering the Illinois State Food Service Sanitation Course in your area – the complete, 15 hours of instruction required to take the Illinois State Food Service Sanitation Exam.

The current full list of course offerings is available from the Corporate Training Center website.

Safe Food Handler’s Corporation

Company Information:

The Safe Food Handlers Corporation personnel have trained thousands of food service professionals in over 5,000 companies in food service sanitation nationwide since 1982. We have a 96% passing rate with an average score of 87.7%.

Course Offerings:

The current full list of course offerings is available from the Safe Food Handler’s Corporation website.

Our 15 hour certification course meets the requirements of the Illinois State Department of Public Health for people who need to be certified in food service sanitation. This course covers up-to-date information on personal hygiene, safe methods of food handling, preparation & storage of food, and prevention of food borne illnesses. Upon successful completion of this course, the Illinois State Department of Public Health will issue a certificate of completion. The cost of this course includes a training manual, 15 hours of instruction, and a sanitation certificate. Students must attend both days of training listed.

Our 5 hour Re-certification course is for people who have a current certificate, but need to be re-certified. Students must attend the first 5 hours of either day of any of the two day scheduled classes and bring with them a copy of their current State of Illinois certificate. The cost includes a training manual, 5 hours of instruction, and a sanitation certificate.

Special Classes

Special classes can be set up for 10 or more people and taught at your location if needed. Call today to make arrangements!

On-line Classes

Are you too busy to attend a 15 hour class? You now have the option of taking the class via your computer and an internet connection. Students are still required to come in to one of our convenient locations to take the State of Illinois Food Service Examination. Visit the SFH Corp. website or call toll free at (888) 793-5136 for details!

Paladin Management Consultants

Sanitation Consulants to the Food Industry with 30 Years Experience

**Approved by the Educational Foundataion and the State of Illinois**

Who should attend?
Owners, Managers, Supervisory personnel, and all others involved in preparing, storing and serving food.
What will be learned?
Practical sanitation principles relating to food protection and food safety, as well as state rules and regulations.
What sanitation principles will be presented?
  • Employee practices (personal hygiene, proper product handling, etc.)
  • Effective temperature control
  • Cleaning and sanitizing procedures
  • Bacteria, molds, and viruses that cause foodborne illnesses and how to control them
  • Proper storage practices
  • Good housekeeping procedures
  • Pests and their control
  • Building structure and maintenance
  • HACCP procedures
  • Management responsibilities

Registration fee includes:

  • Valuable coursebook to utilize as reference tool
  • 2 Days of Professional Certified Instruction w/ exam
  • Coffee and Snacks provided on both days

** Please note: ServSafe exam has an additional fee for test/scan-tron.**

Remit Registration Form (available in the Environmental Health Division of the Kankakee County Health Department) and fee now to reserve your place!

Call (630) 554-3663 or Fax (630) 554-3773

Please make checks payable to: Paladin Management Consultants

Additional Note: Paladin Management Consultants has courses specifically designed for Spanish-speaking individuals.

Note from the Kankakee County Health Department

The information listed above has been adapted from brochures issued to the KCHD, which are available in the Environmental Health office at our building at 2390 W Station St in Kankakee, and also include course listings and registration forms.