Anonymous HIV Testing

Confidential HIV Testing
Free and confidential HIV testing is available to individuals 12 years and older at high risk for HIV by calling 815-802-9300 or email us at to schedule an appointment.


  • Have injected drugs or steroids or shared equipment (needles, cotton, and water)
  • Have had sex with someone who injects drugs or steroids
  • Have had vaginal, oral, or anal sex with a man who has had sex with another man
  • Have had sex with someone known to be HIV positive
  • Have had sex in exchange for drugs, money, or shelter
  • Have been diagnosed with 2 or more STDs in a year
  • Have had 6 or more sexual partners in the past month

When should you be tested?
Think about the last time you put yourself at risk for HIV.  Schedule your appointment at least 3 months from that time as it can take your body 3 months for the rapid HIV test to detect infection.

How does the HIV test work?
When HIV enters the blood, the body reacts by making cells called antibodies.  The rapid HIV test look for these HIV antibodies and not for the virus itself.  It can take the body up to three months to produce enough antibodies to be detectable on the test.  This 3-month time frame is known as the window period.  If you are tested during the window period, the rapid HIV test may not be able to detect infection.

At the Kankakee County Health Department a rapid HIV test called Clearview Complete HIV 1-2 Assay is used.  This test uses blood obtained through a finger stick to detect antibodies for HIV 1 and HIV 2, which provides easy- to-read test results in 15 to 20 minutes.  Confirmatory testing may be needed to rule out any false positives, which are sent to the state lab and take approximately one week to receive those results.

Things to consider before your HIV test.
For some taking an HIV test can be a scary process.  However it is also one of the best ways to fight HIV/AIDS. 
Think about what you will do if you test negative, as well as what you will do if you test positive.  Do you feel ready for either result?  If you find out you are negative how will you stay that way?  If you’re positive, how will you use that information to take care of yourself and your partners?

Can I be tested for other STD infections?
During this appointment you will only be tested for HIV.  If you are interested in being tested for other sexually transmitted diseases, please go to our STD clinic section for further information.

Services for HIV positive individuals.
If you are a person living with HIV/AIDS in Kankakee County there may be services available to you.  Enrolling in case management services can help you identify your needs and goals and access resources that can help you.  Some programs include medical and dental assistance, help with rent and utilities, legal assistance, and support groups and personal counseling.  For case management information call 815-802-9434.